4 Nets on Thin Ice After Jacque Vaughn Firing

There are a few Brooklyn Nets who have a lot to prove until the rest of the season.
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Dorian Finney-Smith

The 30-year-old forward was a hot name in the trade market at the deadline. His ability to guard and hit open shots makes him an attractive option for contending teams. However, the Nets decided to keep him around for longer. But Finney-Smith's skill set is rather superfluous on the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn already has plenty of two-way forwards. Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson are already better versions of Finney-Smith. The calling card for DFS on the offensive end is being a spot-up shooter. He doesn't add much else. But, as a 35.9% career three-point shooter, he is not that good at that either.

Moreover, at age 30, he is not the defensive stopper he was when he was with the Dallas Mavericks. A declining defensive ability, combined with a limited offensive skill set make Finney-Smith a less-than-ideal fit on the Nets.

A team that already has high-level offensive creators and can afford to have Finney-Smith stand in a corner and shoot could still use him. But the Nets aren't in a position to pay Finney-Smith $14.9 million next season. They should move him while he still has some trade value this offseason.