3 Yankees Who Won't Survive the Season in New York

As the Yankees make plans to win their 28th championship, they could rely on the talents that are hidden in the farm system. If they choose to do that, which current player wont survive the main roster this season?

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
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3. DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu
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In 2021, DJ LeMahieu signed a six-year deal worth 90 million dollars. Now at the age of 35, he is owed 15 million dollars for the season. Not only that, he will be taking up space that could go to players like Oswaldo Cabrera or Oswald Peraza. Although he has a limited trade clause, it would be worth trying to move DJ if the Yankees are willing to take on some of the money that is still owed.

With the shortstop position locked up by Anthony Volpe, moving DJ Lemahieu opens up playing time for younger players to truly see their potential.

Nevertheless, LeMahieu brings versatility, with his ability to. play different positions in the infield. In 2023 he played 69 games as a third baseman, 56 games at first base, nine games as the second baseman, and four games as the designated hitter. In those 136 games, he batted .243. Although that is a little abnormal for him, his defense was still relied on.

The contract that DJ signed makes it unlikely for him to be moved before the year 2027, but if there is a chance to move on while his talent is still relevant, then it should be a conversation to have if players like Peraza start to get hot. Although he played a lot better in Colorado, he would win a couple of silver sluggers, and a gold glove and be named an all-star in his time in the Bronx.

With what he accomplished, it could be enticing for a playoff contender to start inquiring about LeMahieu if the Yankees’ chances slip away.

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