3 Yankees Who Won't Survive the Season in New York

As the Yankees make plans to win their 28th championship, they could rely on the talents that are hidden in the farm system. If they choose to do that, which current player wont survive the main roster this season?
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
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2. Jose Trevino

Jose Trevino
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This is a tough one. Trevino has become a fan favorite due to his performance as a Yankee, but he's expected to be a free agent at the end of the season.

With Austin Wells getting the call to the majors last September, he is expected to see playing time this upcoming season. If that is the case, that means that Jose Trevino’s time in pinstripes will be up. While Trevino’s 2023 season ended due to injury, he is expected to come back earning his starting job. The two catchers may play the same position, but their approaches to offense and defense are different. With Wells being younger, he can make it more likely that Jose Trevino can be a trading piece before the trade deadline. This is only if Austin Wells gets to a hot start.

In the small sample size of the 2023 season, Jose Trevino batted .210 with four home runs in 168 plate appearances. For part of the season, Trevino would split duties with Kyle Higashioka, who was traded to San Diego as part of the Juan Soto trade. As it is easier to assume that Jose Trevino will get the starting job, Wells gave a different answer.

In the 19 games he played, Austin Wells would hit .229 with four home runs and 16 hits. He has demonstrated his power on multiple occasions. Although spring training has not been as bright, he is making Jose Trevino look expendable. Trevino still has an upside that if he is traded, you can expect a decent return.