3 Nets Who Won't Survive the 2024 Trade Deadline

The Brooklyn Nets are likely parting ways with a couple of their veteran role players ahead of the NBA trade deadline.
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Dorian Finney-Smith

Finney-Smith is on a similar boat as Royce O'Neale. He is a valuable role player who is hitting 38.3% of his threes this season while defending the best wings on the opposing team. He certainly would have a role on a contender as he previously demonstrated his value to a playoff team when he was a key contributor in the Dallas Mavericks' conference finals run in 2022.

However, the Brooklyn Nets aren't there yet. Finney-Smith isn't as valuable on a non-playoff team like the Nets. He is better suited as a low-usage, complementary piece on a team with stars. Plus, Brooklyn already has Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson under contract for multiple years, who are younger and better versions of Finney-Smith.

Finney-Smith is almost 31 years old. His trade value isn't going higher with each passing day. If the Nets can get first-round pick value or an exciting young player in exchange for him, they would be fools to not take it.

The Nets need to rebalance their roster. They have too many offensively-limited combo forwards. That prototype is very valuable around the league, but it doesn't matter if you don't have star creators. Brooklyn needs to increase their chances of finding that star by gathering as many assets as possible at the trade deadline.