New York Yankees: Gleyber Torres Wasn’t in the Wrong

Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

In the ninth inning of game one of the ALDS, New York Yankees’ shortstop Gleyber Torres stole second base while up 9-3, and many are calling him out for it.

Following a Giancarlo Stanton grand slam that put the New York Yankees up 9-3 over the Tampa Bay Rays in game one of the ALDS, Gleyber Torres singled to center field and later stole second base.

With that, many called Torres and the Yankees out for “violating baseball’s unwritten rules,” the loudest of which being Pedro Martinez on TBS’ postgame show following the game. Martinez said, “I don’t like seeing disrespectful things in the game” which is funny considering he’s the same guy that threw 72-year-old Don Zimmer to the ground in 2003.

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That’s beside the point though, Martinez is calling Torres and the Yankees disrespectful for attempting to put themselves in a better position to score runs in a postseason game against a team which they both played horribly against in 2020, and a team which they had a feud with this season that resulted in the managers from both teams, and players getting ejected.

If that is the case, you’d be crazy not to score as many runs as you can against them whenever you play, let alone the postseason. Not only that, but it’s the first game of the series, you want to come out swinging and win that game by as many runs as you can in an effort to grab the momentum for the rest of the series.

I don’t understand how anybody could think what the Yankees and Gleyber Torres did, was wrong, you play baseball to win, and the Yankees were simply trying to put up more runs, even though they were up by six, so it was less likely they blew the game and would go up 1-0 in the series. Don’t like him trying to steal second base? Throw him out.

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Unwritten rules aren’t written for a reason, and when the postseason rolls around, I think the unwritten rules like “don’t steal when you’re up a lot” or “don’t run up the score” are completely thrown out the window, you have to keep your foot on the gas at all times, that’s how you win baseball games, and that’s how you win the World Series, end of discussion.