New York Giants offseason: Good signings and wasted money, reviewed

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New York Giants

Dave Gettleman, New York Giants. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

If you have made it this far you’ve reached the final chapter (and I thank you!) in my series looking at the New York Giants’ offseason.

I want to analyze some of the major signings, including the big money players and the possible starters. I’ll go into which signings were good and bad. My basis on that will be on team needs, player play ability/rating and what I feel is a fair market value for all of these players.

Going into this off-season with $62 million in free cap space was a huge chance to possibly turn this team into a playoff team in this one single offseason. It did have a few holes, of course.

If this team would have followed my plan for the draft and also took the following steps that I will lay out for you in this article, the Giants may have been atop a very weak NFC East.

But of course, the Giants are the Giants and have ruined all chances of that.

(*note- all “player ratings are from

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