New York Giants Off-Season review: 2020 NFL Draft

New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Route 4: Giants trade with the Cincinnati Bengals!

  • Bengals trade: Round 1, Pick No. 1 (PV=3,000)
  • Giants trade: Quarterback Daniel Jones, 2020 Round 4, & 2021 Round 4

OK let’s just put this out there … I know that no one would dare even pretend to think of trying to pull this off.

Especially since Gentleman tries to be the smartest guy in the room and tries to make some surprise picks and if they become gems he can puff his chest out and say “That pick was my idea!”. Someone needs to tell Dave to stop and just follow what the scouts say. The only things the Giants are getting from him trying to be slick on draft day is another guaranteed top 10  pick in the next year’s draft. 🙄

I have said this before, I don’t think Daniel Jones is the guy. I don’t feel that he’s a championship-caliber quarterback unless the defense carries him, there’s a solid O-line in front of him, and Barkley remains a stud. So far, 2 of those 3 things haven’t been panning out for the Giants lately.

Why would the Bengals have possibly done this? Well, simply they get an NFL quality quarterback and draft capital. If they would have rejected this idea I would have added a 2022 Round 5 pick.

If they rejected THAT, I would’ve went as far as to offer an upgrade to that 2022 fifth-round pick and make it a fourth-round pick. Daniel Jones and three fourth-round picks, I think that might’ve been my ceiling for offers.

And who would the Giants pick now that they would have had the No. 1 choice?