New York Giants Off-Season review: 2020 NFL Draft

New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Route 3: Giants trade with the Los Angeles Chargers

  • Giants trade: Round 1, Pick No. 4 (PV=1800) & Round 6 Pick No. 183(PV=17)  TOTAL PV =1,817
  • Chargers trade: Round 1, Pick No. 6 (PV=1600) & Round 3, Pick No. 71 (PV=235). TOTAL PV = 1,835

Round 1, Pick No. 6  — Isaiah Simmons (PR=7.03), Linebacker, Clemson

If the Chargers wanted to make sure that they got the quarterback that they wanted over the Dolphins (who pick at No. 5 right before them), they would’ve done this trade. It was a win-win for both.

I have no idea why the Giants didn’t do something like this. Unless they did make the offer and the Chargers rejected it. The Chargers would’ve gotten their pick of the litter at QB (except for Burrow, who was always going first).

The Giants still get their original first-round pick (or at least the one that I feel they should’ve went for) AND they would have added another pick to their draft (a third-round pick). If I was the Giants I would’ve been willing to up this offer for their fifth-round 170th pick instead of the sixth-round pick and maybe would’ve even added a seventh-round pick (the Giants had four of those this year) on top of that.

And now for the blockbuster that I personally would’ve offered but would NEVER happen …