NY Mets: Pete Alonso gives you his favorite grilling tips and recipe

Pete Alonso #20 of the New York Mets. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Pete Alonso #20 of the New York Mets. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

New York Mets 1B Pete Alonso shares his love of cooking

New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and his teammates are back on the field after several months of the MLB season were put on pause.

It’s a good bet, however, that he put his time off the field to good use.

Beyond baseball, spending time in the great outdoors and cooking are two joys the National League 2019 Rookie of the Year recently shared with fans at The Players’ Tribune.

Cooking, especially, allows his creative side to shine:

"I look at cooking and grilling as an art form, and food is my canvas. It’s another way to express myself,and my philosophy is that simple is better. I use simple ingredients and strategies — like using cherry, apple, pecan or maple wood pellets to add an extra sweet, smoky taste to the flavor profile — to create an elevated taste"

Alonso shared a venison and sweet onion recipe that includes corn and zucchini with TPT that looks incredibly delicious.

Pete Alonso looks to follow up on 2019 season

Alonso enters this season not just as the reigning Rookie of the Year, but as MLB’s defending home run champion after his 53 HR debut. He was the first Mets player to surpass the 50 HR mark.

Batting .260 with a .358 on-base percentage while slugging .583, he was worth more than five wins to the Mets, per Baseball Reference. That earned him a seventh-place finish in National League MVP voting.

Now in his age 25 season, Alonso is projected to put up similar numbers this year. With the shorter 60-game season, that translates to “only” 16 home runs to go along with a .255/.348/.545 line per the ZiPS projection at FanGraphs.

He’ll face a little different competition this year than last. MLB has divided itself into three divisions based on region, so the Mets will spend a majority of their games playing vs. fellow NL East teams, with the rest of the schedule against the AL East.

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The Mets are scheduled to open their season at Citi Field on July 24 vs. the Braves.