New York Jets most hated: The top 20 villains in Gang Green history – Part 2 (10-6)

Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills. James Hasty, New York Jets. (Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart)
Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills. James Hasty, New York Jets. (Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart) /
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New York Jets
New York Jets. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

In 60 years of existence, Gang Green Nation has developed some enemies. This is part two of the New York Jets top 20 villains (numbers 10-6).

The New York Jets franchise was born in 1960 as part of the AFL. They began much like their baseball counterparts, the New York Mets playing first at the Polo Grounds, followed by Shea Stadium in Queens. A move to New Jersey came in 1984 when Gang Green took the field at the Meadowlands before settling on their current home of MetLife Stadium.

There have been many heroes in 60 years, such as Joe Namath, Freeman McNeil, Joe Klecko, David Harris, and Jamal Adams that wore green and white. For every hero, there is also an enemy. Some of whom inflicted serious damage to both the team and its supporters.

New York Jets fans have suffered their fair share of disappointments and heartbreak. Any Gang Green fan will say they have had more than their fair share. It’s been enough to drive people nuts. Ask Larry David; he did a bit on curb Your Enthusiasm that when his friend Carl committed suicide, it was because he couldn’t take the disappointment of being a Jets fan.

It was a funny way to show how miserable the Gang Green fans have been. And there is plenty of misery. Last December, ESPN put out its “Most Miserable Fan Bases” in the four major sports. New York Jets fans were third in the NFL and sixth among all professional sports teams.

Under those circumstances, rivalries, as well as a hatred for people, places, and things develop. All that hatred can be placed on a select few people whom Jets fans feel are directly responsible for their misery. Hence the top 20 Villains list. Last week we counted down villains 20–11.

This time around its numbers 10–6. Some villains on the list are players, others are coaches, or in management, and there is also an owner from a rival and another from a team in another sport.