New York Yankees: Field of Dreams Game is no more

Luis Severino, New York Yankees. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Luis Severino, New York Yankees. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

One of the most intriguing parts of the 2020 MLB season was the Field of Dreams Game that would’ve been played between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in August but unfortunately, that will not happen.

If you build it, they will come, but is that really true? One of the most popular baseball movies of all time includes a field in Iowa, Kevin Costner, the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson, and several other players. Clearly I am talking about Field of Dreams, the movie that inspired the Field of Dreams game that in 2020 would’ve pitted the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox against each other.

The movie is still wildly popular to this day, even though it was made back in 1989. Because of its popularity, the MLB decided to host a game inspired by the movie where they built a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa, right next to where the movie was filmed.

With it, there were glass panels in the outfield wall where you could see right into the cornfields, to keep the aura of the movie alive. In the actual movie, there was no wall, it was just cornfield for miles. Obviously this isn’t possible for the MLB, so putting glass panels in the outfield is just about the closest they could get to the movie.

Although the game won’t be possible because of COVID-19 potentially shutting down the entire 2020 MLB season, the game could still be played in future years. The construction of the field was still completed meaning the game could be played in the near future.

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I for one was very much so looking forward to the Field of Dreams game and was hoping that it wouldn’t be impossible to get my hands on a ticket, but now it looks as if nobody will be able to get a ticket.

Although Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball haven’t made an official announcement cancelling the game, or announcing it would be postponed until 2021, it doesn’t seem possible at all that the game is played in 2020 considering the circumstances.

The MLB has already cancelled all the international series’ meaning it would make sense they would cancel this game as well, assuming there is a season in the first place.

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Overall, I hope this game will be able to be played in the future because if not, we will miss out on one of the coolest promotions the MLB has had yet.