Brooklyn Nets: War between Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins gets nasty

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/GettyImages)
Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/GettyImages) /

The war of words between Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and his former Oklahoma City teammate Kendrick Perkins went nuclear this week.

It’s no secret Brooklyn Nets messiah Kevin Durant and his former teammate on the Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins issues with each other. They’ve had bad blood between them at least since Durant made his departure from OKC in 2016. There have been criticisms and twitter wars in the past, but on Friday, it went to another level.

This round started when Perkins, who now works for ESPN, criticized union VP and Durant’s Brooklyn Nets teammate Kyrie Irving on the “Get Up” morning show. During a conference call Thursday, the point guard made a plea to the NBAPA to sit out the NBA’s planned restart to the season in Orlando next month, in support of the Black Lives Matter. Not only did Perkins say Irving was wrong, but he also noted that Irving was showing a lack of leadership to his union brothers.

"“Right now, all Kyrie is doing is just trying to throw a wrench in something, but he don’t have the power to do so,” Perkins said. “When you’re powerful, you actually move the needle. Kyrie is not moving the needle. All he’s doing is ruffling the feathers for no reason. The NBA is going to continue.”"

Kyrie and KP also have a history of heat between them. There was no love lost when Perkins called out Irving for the way he left the Boston Celtics at the end of 2019. Perkins believed Kyrie quit on his team. More recently, Perkins said he was glad he wasn’t in the NBA anymore after Irving was elected as VP of the union in February.

Durant, who uses social more than, a lifeguard uses sunscreen, took exception to Perkins’ recent comments. On Instagram, the Nets future star defended his teammate and called Perkins a “sell out.” Implying that Perkins was not supportive of BLM. A very harsh comment which hurt the 14-year NBA veteran personally.

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Perkins was on several ESPN television shows  Friday, such as “Get Up” and “First Take.” He was visibly shaken and at points teared up when discussing his struggles with racial equality. Perkins has not been on the sidelines of the issue and emotionally explained as much.

Regardless of where you stand on the social issues, it’s sad to see these proud men take public shots at each other.

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