New York Yankees: Players’ Salaries After Proposed Cut

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The MLB owners submitted a proposal to the players union that to put it lightly, wasn’t very appreciated by the players. Here is what some star Yankees would be making with the proposed cut.

The New York Yankees were set to enter the 2020 season as one of the favorites to win the World Series, then the world took a time out. Due to COVID-19, the start of the season was delayed and there is still no plan to return to play.

The reason for no return to play plan as of yet is because the players and owners can’t come together and agree on how much the players would get paid. Many fans and members of the media are attacking players saying they should play for the love of the game and that they’re still getting paid millions of dollars, so what’s the problem?

Well to an extent I can understand that, but these players would be risking too much and would be away from their families for too long to be paid less than what they deserve. As Rays pitcher Blake Snell said, it’s just not worth the risk.

Here is what some Yankees players would be making with the currently proposed pay cuts:

Thank you to Brendan Kuty for finding these numbers

Let that sink in for a minute, these players would be playing for less than a quarter of what they agreed upon, yet they’re playing half the games with the proposed  82 game slate, instead of the typical 162.

There wouldn’t be as much revenue brought as games would be played without fans in the stands. But how is it fair to ask these players to take a quarter of their agreed-upon amounts for half the work, with far more risk.

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It simply is not fair for billionaire owners to ask the players to leave their families, play with the risk of contracting COVID-19 (and possibly dying), to play a game for a quarter of the amount agreed upon in their respective contracts.

To put this into perspective for you, what if you went into work tomorrow and your boss said you only had to come in for half the days you typically do, but instead of paying you half of the amount, you had agreed-upon, they told you they would pay you a quarter of the amount?

That’s not fair to you, NOW imagine in addition to that, there was more risk added into your job AND you would have to leave your family for a set amount of time to get the job done. That is simply not fair to you and you wouldn’t do it.

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This is the situation MLB players are facing right now. I have said it for weeks and I’ll say it again; as unfortunate as it might be, I simply do not see any way possible that there is an MLB season in 2020.