New York Mets: Potential Matt Harvey reunion a low-risk opportunity

Matt Harvey, New York Mets. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Matt Harvey, New York Mets. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The Dark Night of Gotham returns to Flushing. What a headline. It would cost the New York Mets almost nothing to give Matt Harvey a shot to make the team during spring training 2.0.

Matt Harvey‘s days as an elite Major League starting pitcher were rather short-lived but undoubtedly memorable. They were so impactful to the franchise that the New York Mets ended up taking his arm too far in 2015. They exceeded his post-Tommy John surgery innings limit on their way to the World Series. The results of overuse had a serious effect on what transpired over from 2016 onward, a very disappointing chapter in Harvey’s career.

Harvey dealt with durability issues and inconsistency on the mound ever since his days of being a lights-out ace. He’s making an apparent effort to comeback, though. The former third-round draft pick tried out for the Blue Jays this offseason and is still throwing on the mound right now to stay in shape just in case he’s called.

It’s the perfect opportunity for the New York Mets to see what he’s still got. At this point, Harvey is a very low-risk move that could yield production well above the contract he’d be signing. If the 2020 season resumes, there will be a second spring training. Harvey posted a video that shows he’s ready to go.

With the loss of Noah Syndergaard, the Mets might be looking for a high upside guy that they could plugin on a budget contract.

That’s good, Harvey isn’t looking for a big payday. The right-handed pitcher just wants to find an opportunity to get back on the mound. From a management standpoint, the Mets have even more leverage in these times to offer him a bargain basement deal. There is plenty of uncertainty about what contracts should/will look like this year.

Harvey’s track record with the Mets hasn’t been squeaky clean.

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His party/celebrity lifestyle has cost him during his career. In 2017, it resulted in him no-showing a game and getting suspended from the team.

The former Dark Knight claims he has matured both on the diamond and off.  At 31-years-old, his career would come full-circle if he ended up as part of the New York Mets starting rotation that he was once demoted from.

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