New York Islanders: Bring Back the Fisherman

Derek King, New York Islanders. Mandatory Credit: Ian Tomlinson /Allsport
Derek King, New York Islanders. Mandatory Credit: Ian Tomlinson /Allsport /

The New York Islanders had one of the most interesting jerseys in NHL History with the fisherman logo and it might be time to bring it back in the form of a third jersey.

The New York Islanders fisherman logo was beloved by many and hated by others, now it might be time to bring it back in the form of a third jersey. We have seen many other teams such as the Ducks, Hurricanes, Coyotes and others bring back classic jerseys as their third jersey, so why not the Islanders?

Personally, I LOVE the fisherman logo, I’ve got a fisherman logo sticker on my laptop, a fisherman logo shirt, hat and more. If the Islanders slapped the fisherman on a third jersey, I would buy it in a heartbeat and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one either.

However, if they’re going to bring it back, they have to do it properly. If they’re bringing it back it can’t be the exact same as the jerseys the Islanders used to wear, it will have to be touched up and modernized and several users on Twitter have made their own versions.

Out of the several jersey concepts I found on Twitter this one is my favorite:

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Personally, I’m a huge fan of this concept, it still has the classic feel with the waves and the logo, but it’s brought up to the times with the sleek shoulder look and current color scheme with the addition of teal.

When the Islanders wore the fisherman logo from 1995-97 they wore navy blue with an orange, white and teal wave similar to this concept. On the sleeves, they had somewhat of a wave design as well with the same color scheme as this concept.

Overall, I think a third jersey with a fisherman logo would be more than welcomed by the Islanders fanbase and it would sell out in a heartbeat.

Islanders fans have been asking for the fisherman logo to be brought back since Adidas became the licensing partner with the NHL and started making third jerseys for teams. Right now the Islanders have a third jersey with the NY logo on the chest, which is nice, but I think a throwback jersey would be more welcomed.

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What do you think? Would you like to see the Islanders bring back the fisherman logo and modernize the look on a third jersey? Let us know in the comment section below or find us on Twitter at @EmpireWritesBck.