New York Jets: Grading Joe Douglas free agent signings

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Joe Douglas, New York Jets. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The New York Jets have had a tame offseason and that’s because Joe Douglas has focused more on value signings than overpaying players.

The New York Jets offseason has been pretty quiet so far, which is unusual in recent times. The Jets, who are known for flashy offseason acquisitions that backfire in their faces, have taken take a more strategic approach under general manager Joe Douglas.

This is unfamiliar territory for Jets fans, considering that it’s been ingrained in their blood to want the flashy free-agent acquisition. Signings of LaDainian Tomlinson, Plaxico Burress, and Eric Decker come to mind of high profile signings that only lasted for a year or two before they flamed out.

Douglas’ approach has caused some concerns so far since he missed out on top talents (specifically offensive linemen) such as Anthony Castonzo, Graham Glasgow, and Dennis Kelly. Failing to resign Robby Anderson caused some heartaches for Jets fans as well.

However, as I wrote at the beginning of the year, there were areas that Douglas needed to address. And so far, he has done an admirable job filling those holes.

There is still work for Douglas to accomplish before the beginning of the season (it’s still too early to know if the season will be postponed or canceled because of COVID-19). He will need to address some, if not all, of the same holes through the 2020 NFL Draft this month. Douglas may even need to make some trades, but the Jets are not even at that stage yet.

But for now, let’s not worry about the draft (even though it’s a week away). Instead, let’s review the grades I gave for the positional signings. So let’s roll, shall we?

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