Brooklyn Nets general manager comments on Kevin Durant’s recovery

Sean Marks, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Sean Marks, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The NBA is currently on pause along with every other league due to the coronavirus pandemic. A situation that may benefit the injured Brooklyn Nets star players.

The Brooklyn Nets are currently waiting and watching along with the rest of the world as the coronavirus pandemic has halted all sporting events. The uncertainty surrounding the rest of the NBA season has plenty of fans and critics speculating on the future.

A hot topic amongst NBA fans is the possible Nets debut of Kevin Durant if the season resumes in June. During a conference call with reporters, Marks addresses the possibility of getting Durant and fellow all-star Kyrie Irving back in the lineup once the season possibly resumes later this year.

"“I don’t think that’s fair, one to those athletes, nor the performance team, to put a timeline on this. I think everybody is dealing with bigger items, far more pressing items, I do know that those two players are continuing their rehab, but again, when you’re practicing social distancing, and you’re in self-isolation, I haven’t physically seen them in three or four weeks. So it’s difficult for me to gauge, let alone the performance team, as to where they are.”"

Durant has kept himself very busy through the time off by developing his “Board Room” brand and organizing NBA 2K tournaments with other NBA players. Marks would go on to mention the obstacles of accelerating his rehab due to team facilities still being closed because of the pandemic.

"“I think something we have to think about is our facilities are closed and just by getting time off, yes, does that make your body heal and so forth? But there were several of our players that need the facilities, need game reps, need to be playing, and you could take the other side of this and say that this hiatus has set their rehabilitation back and it’s slowed them.”"

The Nets are a few games below .500 and need an extra offensive boost to secure their place in the postseason race. The addition of Durant or Irving would be essential and welcomed by all, especially if the NBA hopes to regain momentum for the season.

Then again, until the Brooklyn Nets medical staff can examine and evaluate their two stars, there is no use speculating on their progress or health. There was some good news, however. All four Nets players who tested positive for coronavirus, including K.D., are symptom-free. All members of the team’s traveling party completed their 14-day isolation period, and are symptom-free as well.

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The decision when to play NBA games again is weighed strictly on the pandemic. There has to be an environment that keeps players, team personnel, and fans safe. The NBA and NBPA will work together to make it happen, at the appropriate time.