Brooklyn Nets next coach – Jacque Vaughn vs. the field

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Brooklyn Nets

Kenny Atkinson and Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Jacque Vaughn is the interim head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, but will they look to replace him for next season?

The Brooklyn Nets ended their 2019-20 on a three-game winning streak before the NBA season went on a pause. Don’t let that fool you. After the win against San Antonio on March 6, coach Kenny Atkinson and the Nets parted ways leaving the Nets in the hands of Jacque Vaughn. This poses the age-old question: What’s next?

For starters, assistant coach Jacque Vaughn was appointed the interim head coach and many people were worried about what his battlefield promotion would mean for the team’s future. Atkinson had a great relationship with his players and the leadership he brought to the team helped them go from 20 wins a season with no hope, to a playoff team in two seasons. Although, things started to go downhill for him when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant came into town.

It was evident that the culture was changing in Brooklyn. When a team brings in two NBA champions onto the roster, the fan base will expect nothing less than a ring. But is a proactive, chemistry driven head coach what wins championships these days?

The era of player-coaches is in full effect and LeBron James is the first example. Since the 2014-15 season, James has maneuvered three different coaches in and out of jobs on his team. David Blatt, Tyronn Lue, and Luke Walton have all been sent off by the King and now, Frank Vogel could be the next victim.

For the Nets, Atkinson was the first. Kyrie Irving hadn’t been very fond of the coach from the start. Once he left, things were more Irving’s way.

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