New York Giants: A trio of dream scenarios for the 2020 draft

New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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New York Giants
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It can get a little crazy leading up to the time each team steps up to draft a player. Here are three dream scenarios for the New York Giants in the 2020 Draft.

Welcome to New York Giants 2020 NFL Dream draft (somewhat based in reality). Here are three scenarios where the New York Giants can trade down and make out like bandits.

To open this year’s draft Joe Burrow goes to the Cincinnati Bengals with the number one pick. Their sales and marketing team must be salivating for the opportunity to put the defending Heisman Trophy winner, National Champion, born and bred in the state of Ohio quarterback, on every billboard between Lexington, KY, and Columbus, OH. Ticket sales will be through the roof. Oh yeah, and Burrow will be a great pro quarterback.

Next up is the Washington Redskins. This is the nightmare in the New York Giants dream scenario. The Skins select defensive end, Chase Young, from Ohio State. He could be better than his OSU predecessor Nick Bosa, who helped turn San Francisco’s defensive line around. Young will be terrorizing the G-Men twice a year, for a long time.

Pick number three belongs to the Detroit Lions. Like all the teams in the top ten, they have many holes to fill. There is also a possible generational talent on the board, Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah. He’s probably the best corner to come out of college since Patrick Peterson in 2011. Detroit tipped their hand by trading Darius Slay last week, so there is no trade down for them. Okudah goes to the Lions.

That brings us to pick number four and the New York Giants. The G-Men desperately need a tackle to protect their investment in last year’s first-round pick, quarterback Daniel Jones. They also need a pass rusher, a safety, a corner, a center, and probably wouldn’t mind a top-tier wide receiver. General manager Dave Gettleman, however, can get what he needs later in the first round and is willing to trade down.