New York Guardians: Should be looking to make moves in week 3 of XFL

Charles Wright,Andrew Soroh, New York Guardians. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Charles Wright,Andrew Soroh, New York Guardians. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

New York Guardians need a week 3 strategy looking to build momentum for the rest of the regular season.

The XFL has fared better than expected the first two weeks packing in crowds of around 20,000 at each venue while bringing in viewership of over 2 million per weekend game.

The most exciting part is that the play of football seems to work, and it looks like this league has stay ability as long as contracts and financial obligations can be maintained through year 1 and 2.

However, that’s enough of the nice talk for the league, there’s a New York team in this league, and we are here to talk sports.

What to know about your Guardians…

The New York Guardians defense is legit, they play at a high energy level, and their red zone defense is more opportunistic than the Giants, and the Jets were this past season.

The Guardians Defense makes constant plays on the ball looking to create turnovers at every opportunity. Lead by the outstanding play of linebacker Bunmi Rotimi who combined for seven tackles a QB hit and a tackle for loss this previous week against the defenders.

If you were able to watch the first week, you would have also seen outstanding play by Cornerback Summers and safety play that should make each Giant’s fan happy to view.

The defense will carry this team in its inaugural season, and that’s clear to see after two weeks. There is nothing wrong with having a good defense; the only issue is the Guardians showed zero signs of offense this past week.

What you should shield your eyes from…

The XFL is about scoring and pace of play the Defenders have shown they understand the league the Houston Roughnecks and P.J Walker have found their groove.

The Guardians’ whole offense, however, has not shown a commitment to well anything yet.

Every team in this league has struggled to establish the run, which is to be expected with all these offensive lines still learning each other in the league.

However, the Guardians have looked as if they missed the draft and lack any true playmakers at the running back or receiver position. For me, what was atrocious to watch was the play and demeanor of starting Quarterback Matt McGloin.

His play wasn’t stellar in week one and against a good defenders team, his play was non-existent at a pro-level. He then made things worse by not leading his team and allowing his frustrations to spill over to the entire offense as he even attacked the coaches and their scheme.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Guardians go in a different direction at Quarterback soon, especially once the O-line is back to full strength. McGloin showed he’s not ready to lead a young new team and doesn’t have whatever magic he once had in Penn State.

Improvements to be made…

The Guardians currently have Marquise Williams from UNC as there back up Quarterback. However, I think there may be some options for them to search and implement within a week.

Tyree Jackson

The Defenders back up Quarterback has the goods to succeed in the league.

At 6’7, he’s agile and mobile enough to by time for the O-line. He has a big arm to stretch the field, which was a staple of Coach Kevin Gilbride when he was with the Giants and Tyree Jackson lead a mediocre Buffalo team to championship aspirations, so he knows what it takes to turn a program around.

Tommy Grady

Grady is a name that Albany, NY, and capital district fans should be used to hearing. Tommy Grady stands at 6’6 and brings with him the quick release from the Arena league.

He was recently leading the Albany Empire in the Arena league to a championship. He brings solid fundamentals and a great concept of getting the ball out of his hands and into playmakers’ hands regularly.

Tommy would give the Guardians a well-tested veteran with a strong-arm and championship pedigree.

A Wide receiver that can help…

Sticking with the arena theme Malachi Jones is a name to watch and should be given a chance with the Guardians.

At 6’2 he brings great range and catching skills, he is also an arena champion and is currently signed with the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL but if he’s feeling this league could offer him something before the summer months come it would be an excellent signing for the Guardians.

Darius Prince

Prince played in the American Alliance Football survivor. At 6’1, he has above-average speed and outstanding leaping ability. He may not want to join another league in its inaugural season, but if the Guardians play it smart. They could add a need playmaker.

The Guardians have the making of building a strong product, and the absence of a fixed point on offense hurts this team in multiple ways. The offensive driven league wants to see a New York team that can score points in bunches, the DC Defenders have provided a blueprint for success.

Next. New York Guardians quarterback McGloin is a problem. dark

The Guardians need to move quickly to put together a competent offensive showing, or this first spring season won’t be much fun in XFL New York.