New York Knicks top candidates to be the team’s head coach

New York Knicks. Patrick Ewing. (Jonathan Daniel /Allsport)
New York Knicks. Patrick Ewing. (Jonathan Daniel /Allsport) /
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Jason Kidd. New York Knicks. (Photo by David Surowiecki/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Jason Kidd. New York Knicks. (Photo by David Surowiecki/Getty Images for SiriusXM) /

The New York Knicks have made a big change in top management by hiring Leon Rose. Next up is naming a permanent head coach, these are some top candidates.

Steve Mills is out as the New York Knicks team president. It has been reported that popular CAA player-agent Leon Rose will take over the reins in the Knicks front office. Unfortunately, the new man can’t step in immediately. Rose must first leave his current role with CAA, which may take some time.

When Rose ultimately takes over, he will have decisions to make, starting with who the New York Knicks head coach will be. Before we get into potential candidates, let’s take a look at a couple of names the Knicks should avoid.

Jason Kidd

Stephen A. Smith reported that Jason Kidd will be a front-runner for the Knicks job because of his relationship with Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is a free agent in 2021. As good of a player as Kidd was in his prime, nobody should be hired because of their relationship with a player on another team. Kidd did a decent job in his only season as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets (2013-14) but was fired in Milwaukee.

The Bucks became one of the NBA’s most prolific teams after Kidd was let go. Following his departure, they were able to space the floor and create an offense that was nowhere to be found under Kidd. Giannis also made a significant jump under current head coach Mike Budenholzer.

Jason Kidd’s career coaching record is 183-190. With the Knicks desperate to produce a winning product on the court, they can’t afford to make another mistake.

Tom Thibodeau

Thibodeau will almost certainly get an interview because of his relationship with Leon Rose, but the Knicks should look elsewhere. He is a proven head coach who knows the game, but so do plenty of guys around the NBA. This is about fit.

Tibs is known for playing his starters heavy minutes on a nightly basis. It’s no secret he has had a difficult time connecting and reaching his players. The Knicks have a young team and he was just fired after 2.5 seasons in Minnesota.

He failed to do anything with their young team, and the Knicks don’t have Karl Anthony Towns. Additionally, Thibodeau hasn’t really adapted to the current NBA game.

Instead of focusing on who shouldn’t be the New York Knicks head coach, here are some candidates worthy of strong consideration.