Mets trading Nimmo for Starling Marte would be worth it

Brandon Nimmo , New York Mets. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Brandon Nimmo , New York Mets. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The New York Mets have a hole in centerfield. Starling Marte from Pittsburgh would fill the role nicely, but a deal could cost the Amazins Brandon Nimmo.

“Pitchers and Catchers Report” is a little less than a month away for the New York Mets. Many fans feel there is still more to be done in finalizing the roster for 2020. While general manager Brodie van Wagenen has done a pretty good job this offseason addressing the team’s issues. There is one problem that can definitely be fixed and be a significant addition to the team. The addition of a pure centerfielder in Starling Marte from Pittsburgh.

The Mets do have guys that can play centerfield on the team but none are pure centerfielders. Yes, there is Jake Marsnick who the Mets traded for earlier this year but are the Mets really going to start a guy every day in center field with a career .233 batting average and a .289 on-base percentage? That is not exactly ideal. Brandon Nimmo is the other obvious option but he is much better in left. Additionally, he missed significant time last year with a neck injury.

Marte is an excellent centerfielder and a great hitter. He has a career .287 batting average with a .342 on-base percentage and adds a little bit of pop. Marte hit 23 home runs last season. He has a very reasonable price of $11.5M this upcoming season. New York Mets fans love Nimmo and what he brings to the team but this sure seems like a very obvious upgrade.

Now the question who the Mets should give up? Well, that’s complicated. The Mets don’t exactly have much left in the minor league system so somebody from the big leagues is going to have to go. Jed Lowrie and Dominic Smith seem like the obvious answers as they currently don’t fit on Mets roster, but that is probably not enough to get a deal done. That’s why it might be time to send Nimmo to the Steel City.

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Nimmo makes perfect sense for the Bucks. A good, younger clubhouse guy that gets on base. Traits that work well for a rebuilding team. Amazins fans will be sad to see him go but Marte is a major upgrade the team can’t pass on.

The eight-year MLB veteran makes both the New York Mets defense and batting order significantly better. A former Gold Glover who constantly hits .290 with some speed, which the Mets don’t really have. Marte would be the cherry on top of a very good Mets lineup.

Trading away Nimmo might cost the Mets some depth. They did trade for Marisnick early this offseason and he is a great defensive outfielder. Smith, Jeff McNeil, and J.D Davis spent plenty of time in leftfield last season.

The Mets last year were also able to add some low-level free agents offseason in guys like Carlos Gomez and Rajai Davis so there no reason to think they cant do that again. Maybe even Tim Tebow will get a crack at it, he has been invited to spring training.

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So to get hypothetical let’s say, Nimmo, Dom Smith, and maybe a minor league pitching prospect like Kevin Smith and that sounds like a very good deal for both sides. Having an everyday pure centerfielder is something that the Mets haven’t had in a few years and adding one of the best in baseball would really help them in their push to make the playoffs.