New York Yankees 2019 Fan Poll – Your Answers Part 1

Yankee Stadium. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Yankee Stadium. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Question 2: Aaron Boone is the right manager for this team (Yes/No).

Aaron Boone was an outside the box hire when the New York Yankees plucked him out of the ESPN broadcast booth to be their manager in 2018. Since then, he’s had back-to-back 100-win seasons and playoff appearances, reaching the playoffs both times. The skipper has a record of 203-121, good for an amazing .627 win percentage.

Yes – 92 percent.  

Yankees fans feel almost as strongly about Boone as they do about their championship hopes. For my two cents, Boone is exactly the right man for the job and kudos to GM Brian Cashman for hiring him.

How he didn’t win American league Manager of the year last season is beyond me. Boone did more with the constant monkey wrenches thrown into his plans than almost any manager could have. He made the right moves at the right times. It’s unfortunate the Yankees bats went cold against Houston in the ALCS.

“He is good with the media (a major component of the job nowadays). He has his player’s backs. He handles the bullpen well and did a great job last year moving guys in and out with so many injuries.” – Frank Grampone

“Boone has displayed the perfect temperament and baseball smarts to manage the Yankees” – Ted Bergstadt

While there was some uncertainty about him, the “not sure” and “no” contingent that made up the other eight percent really didn’t have anything bad to say about him.