Rutgers: Greg Schiano has no time to waste, top 4 to-dos

Greg Schiano, Rutgers Scarlet Knights. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Greg Schiano, Rutgers Scarlet Knights. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /
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Nunzio Campanile, Rutgers Scarlet Knights. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /


Any successful head coach will say he is only as good as his assistants. It was public information that Schiano wouldn’t accept the job unless it included more money for assistant coaches. He wants to surround himself with a top-quality staff.

One man who needs to stay, if he wants to, is Campanile. He busted his tail to make the team competitive. The results weren’t always pretty, but no one could question the Scarlet Knights effort. Retaining him with a legitimate title and responsibilities shows everyone that dedication to Rutgers is appreciated and rewarded. The former head man at Bergen Catholic is a local guy and wired into the high school scene.

After he keeps Campanile, Schiano has to find the best assistants he can get. It will obviously take a few years to get the program up to speed so he needs young and aggressive assistants. Men who are both teachers and recruiters. Eight of Schiano’s former assistants became college head coaches. Working for him sets a foundation for future job success.

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Last but certainly not least, Greg Schiano has to get out on the recruiting trail immediately. New Jersey put the homegrown players in the NFL this year. As has been painfully obvious, the vast majority of them went to schools other than Rutgers. For some reason, Ash could not form worthwhile connections in the state to retain players.

Shiano needs to hit the recruiting trail now. While the kids playing high school ball now don’t know about Schiano and what he did previously at Rutgers, their coaches do. It’s time for visits to high schools, handshakes, and meet and greets. Get back out there and remind the State of New Jersey that this is their school and he’s here to put it back on the map. Getting top in-state recruits is what will accomplish that goal.

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It takes time to go from outhouse to penthouse, but Rutgers has a man who is up to the task.