New York Mets: Could Carlos Beltran get punished for sign stealing?

Carlos Beltran, Brodie Van Wagenen, New York Mets. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Carlos Beltran, Brodie Van Wagenen, New York Mets. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Carlos Beltran is the New York Mets new manager. Could he still be penalized for his involvement in the Houston Astros 2017 sign-stealing scandal?

When the New York Mets signed former player Carlos Beltran to manage the team, they had big expectations. They hoped the organization got a reboot while still building off the momentum created last season.

Shortly after Beltran’s hire, his last team as a player, the Houston Astros, were accused of stealing signs in a high-tech scheme. Allegedly they had cameras set up in different stadiums aimed at the opposing catcher.

This is not a great look for the Amazins when they are a franchise trying to focus on winning. Now have this issue on their hands. General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen stated that he did not see this as something the New York Mets should worry about.

On one side, that philosophy may make sense. Should this become a Mets problem, it would also be a Red Sox problem as well, their current manager Alex Cora was a coach on that team. Not to mention any player from that Astros 2017 World Series team is tainted no matter where they are now.

On the other side, this could be a Mets problem by default. The New York media could run with the story making Beltran’s job much more difficult. If the sign-stealing accusations are confirmed and actions are taken by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the endless questions from the media will become a huge distraction. This could take the focus away from winning.

The New York Mets finished 10 games over .500 in 2019, which was an incredible accomplishment, considering where they were at the start of July. Any unnecessary distractions in 2020 will only damage the team’s chances of reaching the playoffs.

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Now, let’s look into a scenario where Houston does get penalized. MLB can go the easy route and fine them however much money they want. They could also take away draft picks which would affect the Astros in the future. However, it’s rumored that Manfred is serious and could punish Houston to a degree not seen before.

With the team Houston has now, they can still contend. If MLB wants to really send a message, it could hit the Astros where it hurts most. Suspensions to multiple players and coaches who were directly involved. That means Beltran could be punished.

If it is proven he was a key part of the plan, Beltran must face some type of punishment. Otherwise, it sends a message throughout the league that they are not serious about policing the game. It’s understandable the Amazins would be upset with any disciplinary action taken against their new manager. Is that fair to the Mets? They did not know about this information until after he was hired.

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Whatever comes down from the league, Beltran can count on answering tons of questions about what happened and how he was involved. The new skipper will have to keep that issue and his managerial duties separate if he can.