New York Mets manager search distracts from World Series

New York Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
New York Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /
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New York Mets.
New York Mets. Brodie Van Wagenen. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

With the World Series at full speed, it seems to be secondary to the mystery that falls on the laps of sportswriters and fans. Who will be the next manager of the New York Mets?

A script-writer could not do a better job for the WWE, Real Housewives of New York, or As The World Turns. New York Mets General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen has complied with the Commissioner’s Office of a news blackout by carefully and strategically letting the media do all the talking for him.

In other words, for a team that did not make the postseason, the Amazins are sure getting tons of press. It is like being the White House Press Secretary. Just give enough information to keep everyone on pins and needles wondering what will come next.

Surprise candidate

For all we know, BVW and his staff have already made their choice and are just waiting for the World Series to be over. Or maybe they are waiting to make a bombshell selection to finish the Series. That bombshell may be Astros manager, A.J. Hinch, waiting to have a change of scenery and switching over to the original orange and blue of Queens.

What in the world would the Astros agree to let Hinch go? Well, to begin with, Hinch is BVW’s best friend and former agent. BVW worked out Hinch’s four-year contract with Houston of which there are three years left.

Is it possible there is an exit clause in the contract? If Hinch is no longer happy managing the Astros, why keep him? After all, Houston does have a bench coach who has lately been a managerial hot commodity himself in Joe Espada.

Or can trade be made with the Mets to acquire Hinch? That is a possibility considering it would not be the first time that happened. In 1976, Chuck Tanner was traded from Oakland to Pittsburgh. And in 1967, the New York Mets acquired Washington manager Gil Hodges for pitcher Bill Denehy and $100K. The latter managed the 1969 Miracle Mets to the World Series Championship.

If a trade is a possibility, who would be the player(s) that would go? The Astros starting pitching is aging. Justin Verlander and Zach Greinke are both 36, and Gerrit Cole will be a free agent after the World Series. Could the Mets dangle Noah Syndergaard or Steven Matz? If the Astros made such a move, all they have to do is promote Joe Espada without skipping a beat.