New York Giants Week 4 fantasy start/ sit: Daniel Jones steps up

Daniel Jones, New York Giants. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
Daniel Jones, New York Giants. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images) /
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New York Giants
New York Giants. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The New York Giants take on the Washington Redskins Sunday in a Week 4 matchup. Which stars will have the best fantasy value for their team this week?

Washington Redskins (0-3) @ New York Giants (1-2)

Here I thought I learned a lot about the New York Giants during the first two weeks of the season. Their chances of getting into the playoffs after an 0-2 start did not look good. Through two games, Big Blue fans were setting up for another disappointing season.

The Giants offense was struggling, while the defense looked like a pig wearing lipstick. Eli Manning, the G-Men starting quarterback for the last 15 years, was benched for a rookie “Eli Clone” from Duke University.

After Sunday, I have to take whatever I observed and throw it away. Going into Week 4 this team is totally different from the one that opened the season. They now have a swagger about them that was not displayed against either the Dallas Cowboys or the Buffalo Bills. That swagger has all been because of one player. Daniel Jones.

On the Giants final drive of the game, it looked like the Eli Manning of old was out on the field. The same Eli who lead the New York Giants on those magical Superbowl runs. There was a familiar poise in Jones’s delivery and every throw was with a purpose. A purpose to win, something Manning wasn’t showing in the first two weeks.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in striking distance of snuffing out the Giants mojo, the football gods had a different plan. No one, including myself, could believe what we witnessed. Jones put up a fantasy stat line that is second all-time for a QB making his first start.

His 30+ points were better than Cam Newton‘s in 2011. That made a bold statement to the NFL. The Daniel Jones era in New York has arrived and judging from its strong opening, looks better than advertised.

Let’s see where the New York hero lands in this weeks fantasy outlook against the Washington Redskins.