New York Mets refuse to go down in 2019 without a fight

Joe Panik, New York Mets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Joe Panik, New York Mets (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

With two weeks to go in the 2019 season, the New York Mets refuse to go quietly into the night. Thursday they completed a four-game sweep of Arizona to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The New York Mets refuse to go down by TKO. They had plenty of times to throw in the towel. There is no quit in this team and with all the blows they received throughout the season, they are still getting up and swinging away until they decide when it is over.

The Amazins scored double-digit runs again Thursday and centerfielder, Juan Lagares, contributed to this beatdown with two home runs and six RBIs. Adding to this insane explosion of home runs were Tomas Nido, Robinson Cano, Todd Frazier, and Michael Conforto, a barrage never seen before as CitiField turned into the team’s launching pad.

What in the world is going on in Flushing? Wednesday night, the Mets defeated Arizona 9-0 with Todd Frazier and Jeff McNeil hitting two home runs each. What made it that much special is the victory was on September 11. That’s right, 9/11. And the great thing is the Mets scored nine runs on 11 hits. Now that leaves you to reflect, no better way to honor those that died from the terrorist attacks back in 2001. What are the odds that the Mets could accomplish such a feat?

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So just as we were in the process of analyzing who the Mets are sending to the Arizona Fall League, or start watching the NFL games, and wonder who is going to replace Mickey Callaway, the Mets are back into this race for the Wild Card again. They are just two games out of a playoff spot.

After the Cubs came into town and swept the Mets convincingly, I admit that I thought the Mets were done. In my frustration of seeing a team with so much pitching, hitting, and a bullpen that on paper should be one of the best was just trying to keep their heads above water before going down for the final count.

Last week, anyone believing that the Mets would still be in contention for a postseason would be taken for a sucker. Mets nation has been down this road before and been left disappointing.

This team has refused to read the negative headlines. They moved past that disaster of a game when they were leading the Washington Nationals 10-4 going into the ninth inning. I won’t fill you in on the outcome of that game, but the Mets lost that game with Washington scoring seven runs to crush NYM to end the contest.

There is a different way of thinking with this ball club. They refuse to quit. Almost like Muhammed Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy on George Foreman in Zaire. Keep punching, we can take the blows but we are not going down, Just waiting for the right moment to start bombarding the opponent with a blitzkrieg of home runs.

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There are still two weeks to go and the Mets are doing what they have to do to make the playoffs. Win and win big. They may have a cut lip, a gash over their eye, spitting blood. But they are not going down without a fight. Quoting new York Mets legend Tug McGraw, “Ya gotta believe.”