The Brooklyn Nets need to bring back BIG3 legend Joe Johnson

LeBron James and Joe Johnson, Triplets, Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Harry How/BIG3 via Getty Images)
LeBron James and Joe Johnson, Triplets, Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Harry How/BIG3 via Getty Images) /

As the new NBA season quickly approaches the Brooklyn Nets could be looking at bringing back a fan favorite. Could Joe Johnson be returning to the team?

The Brooklyn Nets were hit with an unexpected shock following the 25 game suspension of veteran forward Wilson Chandler. The news sparked conversations on what the team should do to replace him on the depth chart with names like Carmelo Anthony surfacing as a possible option.

A name that has quickly resurfaced from the franchise’s past is guard/forward Joe Johnson. The former multiple time NBA All-Star played several seasons with the Nets and is still a fan favorite. Johnson last played in the NBA in 2018 in a reserve role for the Houston Rockets and has since dominated in the BIG3 league earning MVP honors.

Johnson led his team to the BIG3 championship showcasing the skills that made him famous in Brooklyn. In a recent visit to Brooklyn with the BIG3, Johnson spoke with Empire Writes Back about the possibility of returning to the NBA.

"“I don’t’ know man I didn’t get into the BIG3 to get back into the league. I just love hoopin I’m a hooper. I love competing. I love training throughout the week, traveling and competing on the weekends. If that happens, I ‘ll take a look at it, but if not, man, I had a great career.”"

Johnson is reportedly amongst a group of other players working out this week for the Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons, and Milwaukee Bucks. The 38, year-old showed a continued flair for the dramatics during his lone season with the Ice Cube created organization capturing the attention of executives in the NBA. Teams are always in need of a competent veteran that has had success in the league to motivate and educate the younger generation.

The Nets are a team in need of filling a hole left by Chandler and still without Kevin Durant until possibly a full calendar year. General Manager Sean Marks has been spot on with his front office decisions, but this next move would help prepare the team for winning in the locker room. In his four seasons with the Nets, Johnson averaged over 14 points per game along with an All-Star selection during the 2013-14 season.

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Brooklyn won’t be asking Johnson to replicate his early NBA past success or triumphs in the BIG3 to provide leadership on the roster.