New York Mets: Three free agents the Amazins should target

Will Smith, San Francisco Giants. New York Mets. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
Will Smith, San Francisco Giants. New York Mets. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images) /
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New York Mets
Will Smith, San Francisco Giants. New York Mets. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The New York Mets have had a great turnaround in 2019. These three free agents could make the Amazins an instant National League threat.

As of right now, the New York Mets record is 67-63, just two games out of the wild card spot. Being this late in the season and only two behind the second wild-card spot is certainly a huge accomplishment if we look back at where they were back in late June.

There are glaring problems for this team and they certainly show. The way they have improvised has shown grit and the desire to compete. With the issues they have and it being so long in the season, the Mets can look at who can they want to sign this offseason, to be a more well-rounded team heading into next year.

Will Smith, RHP

While not being one of the flashiest names on this list, the Amazins don’t always need one to help in an area that’s been a red flag since April. The Mets are 26th in the league for bullpen ERA with a staggering 5.05. They have also blown 26 saves this season.

If we put that to perspective for a second, if the New York Mets had won just half of those games, they would have a record of 80 wins and 50 losses. That is from being just four games over .500 to now 30 games over .500 if the bullpen saved just half of those games. For Mets fans, it is hard to believe how they have come this far after dealing with so many bullpen problems.

Will Smith, would be coming off a one year, $4.2M dollar contract this winter. He has been brilliant for the San Francisco Giants after missing the entire 2017 season due to Tommy John Surgery. In 2018, Smith appeared in 54 games with 14 saves and an ERA of 2.55.

This year, he is putting up a similar ERA with a 2.77 earned run average. His saves have gone up to 30 so far this season. One area of concern is his four blown saves, but it’s a huge improvement from where the Mets are now.

Coming off an All-Star season, Will Smith would be a perfect fit for the Amazins bullpen as they are currently going into a renovation. He has stressed something the Mets bullpen has been trying to strive for all season and that is consistency. As the Mets are trying to fix the issues Edwin Diaz is dealing with, they can fit Smith into his role until Phil Regan is comfortable enough for “Sugar” to be an effective closer again.