New York Giants: Preseason games always matter against the Jets

Eli Manning, New York Giants (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Eli Manning, New York Giants (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images) /

The rivalry continues between the New York Giants and their Metlife Stadium co-tenant New York Jets regardless if it’s only preseason.

It’s the annual preseason clash between the New York Giants and their AFC counterparts the New York Jets tonight at MetLife Stadium. The Snoopy Bowl or MetLife Bowl whatever it’s chosen to be named is a fun bragging rights tradition between both franchises during the usually uneventful preseason.

The matchup this year takes on even more importance because both teams will meet in the regular season on November 10th as a Jets home game. The preseason matchup usually takes place in the third week, but due to the teams meeting in the regular season it’s a way of having starters play less. The Giants currently hold an 8-5 record all-time in regular-season games against the Jets and heading into their fall matchup odds are they will be underdogs.

The preseason matchup still matters profoundly because of fanbase pride as Giants and Jets fans share a stadium but follow a different culture. The rivalry stretches deep to some players on the field as Giants running back Saquon Barkley shared in an interview last year that his father is a lifelong Jets fan.

"“I think my dad – I don’t think, I know – and I hope he sees this, that he switches sides a little bit. I think he’s going to come with his son and wear a Barkley jersey, I hope,” Saquon said with a laugh. “If he didn’t, I’d be a little upset. [But] I can’t truly be upset about that. Obviously I don’t know what I’m doing, but just to be out there and be at MetLife, seeing my family and being across the field and seeing the Jets, and growing up [as a Jets fan], it’s all kind of coming full circle. This puts you back and think of the past, all the hard work and determination, when I said when I was a little kid [that] I wanted to be in this position, that’s all coming together.”"

The Giants will have plenty of fans focused on their quarterback battle between incumbent veteran Eli Manning and rookie first-round draft pick Daniel Jones. The progress of both players will be heavily criticized because of the odd scenario painted around them by team management. Jones should see significant playing time and will be judged unfairly by the always honest New York/New Jersey crowd.

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Giants fans are craving for something to hold over Jets fans heads, so a preseason win is the closest thing to suffice possibly. The Jets are favored contenders this season, so any chance to rain on their hopeful parade is the consensus goal.