New York Knicks can win the war for the “Big Apple”

RJ Barrett, New York Knicks. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
RJ Barrett, New York Knicks. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /
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New York Knicks
New York Knicks. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

After watching this summer’s marquee free agents sign in Brooklyn, many feel that the New York Knicks have lost the city. Here is a seven-point plan to win the hearts and minds of area basketball fans.

In the span of one month, the New York Knicks went from potentially the NBA’s next super team to one that many believe is an afterthought in their own city. It’s premature to say NYK have lost the battle of New York. They are however in very real danger of becoming number two in the Big Apple.

Plenty of reasons exist why the Knicks can remain atop the hearts and minds of area basketball fans. It has nothing to do with history or tradition. Additionally, while Madison Square Garden remains the Mecca of basketball, it’s not the reason why either.

Ahead is a seven-point plan where the New York Knicks can keep there hold on the city. The best part is that this plan doesn’t require smoke and mirrors or slick marketing. Instead, it can be done with common sense and hard work.

1. Nets haven’t won anything yet

No matter how much pundits want to put a nail in the NYK coffin, hold those hammers. OK, the Brooklyn Nets made some great signings in the offseason. Worse those signings appeared to pull the rug out from under the Knicks intentions. The fact of the matter is that Brooklyn hasn’t won a thing yet.

No NBA fan doubts that Kevin Durant is one of the five best (or higher) players in the game. That was before he tore his Achilles tendon in the most recent finals. It’s a hard injury to come back from and maybe the number of players in any sport who have returned to their former elite selves can be counted on one hand.

Durant isn’t going to play in 2019-20. What Brooklyn has in KD starting a year from now remains to be seen. Additionally, his running buddy Kyrie Irving isn’t all that and a box rocks either. The point guard is an outstanding player, but it’s been proven that he can’t carry a team on his shoulders. So before conceding, why not wait until a month or two of regular season hoops is played.