Realistic expectations for the New York Knicks in 2019-20

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New York Knicks

Ignas Brazdeikis, New York Knicks (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The 2019 offseason didn’t exactly go at all how the Knicks had planned, so with that being said, here are some realistic expectations for the Knicks going into next season.

Going into the offseason, the New York Knicks held the third best odds to win the 2020 NBA Finals because everyone believed they would get at least one top free agent. Going into the offseason Knicks, fans had convinced themselves they would get Zion Williamson, Kyrie Irving, AND Kevin Durant.

Well, the New Orleans Pelicans got the first pick in the draft which gave them Williamson and then the Brooklyn Nets reeled in both Irving and Durant leaving the Knicks without a single top free agent. The Knicks did, however, get the third overall pick which gave them Zion’s Duke teammate and best friend, RJ Barrett.

Had you told anyone who follows college basketball recruiting before last season started that RJ Barrett would fall to the third pick, you would be called insane, because that’s how good the Canadian shooting guard/small forward combo is?

Had the ‘Maple Mamba’ not played in the shadows of Zion last season, there is a good chance he would have gone first or second in the draft. Barrett didn’t fall to third because he didn’t live up to expectations, he declined because Williamson and Ja Morant exceeded theirs.

However, Barrett is not the only player the Knicks reeled in this offseason. Although they missed on players such as Durant and Irving, they still managed to sign players like Julius Randle, Marcus Morris, Elfrid Payton, Wayne Ellington, and several others.

At the start of free agency, the Knicks held the third best odds to win the 2020 NBA Finals, and they are now tied for the worst odds at 1000-1 along with the Cavaliers, Hornets, Wizards, and Thunder.

This being said, expectations shouldn’t be set too high for the Knicks going into the 2019-20 season, but here are some realistic goals for the Knicks going into the year.

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