New York Mets: Doc, the fans are here for you

Dwight Gooden, New York Mets. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Dwight Gooden, New York Mets. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Former New York Mets star Dwight Gooden is once again battling addiction. It’s time for him to lean on the fans who love him for support during his recovery.

Dwight Gooden‘s demons have caught back up with him once again. The former New York Mets ace starting pitcher was recently arrested in Connecticut for cocaine possession and driving under the influence. It’s another setback for Doc in his struggles adjusting to life as a non-athlete. There is something he needs to know as he once again tries to put his life back together again.

Some long-time New York Mets supporters think Tom Seaver was the franchise’s best pitcher, Others think its Gooden. What they can all agree upon is that they are the top two and whoever is in third place, is far behind the leaders. Fans found out a few months ago that Seaver has retired from public life due to dementia. That leaves Gooden as the visible standard-bearer of NYM pitching excellence.

That’s all well and good, but at almost 55 years old, Gooden still has a long life to lead. Drugs more than likely derailed a potential Hall of Fame career and they definitely made his personal life a living Hell. It’s all well documented.

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The past is the past for Doc. While the on-field cheers may have died, the love Mets fans have for him has not. Additionally, Yankees fans also a soft spot for him, Gooden played in Pinstripes for almost two and a half years and was part of their 2000 World Series championship team. He’s probably one of the most beloved living athletes in the Metropolitan area.

Maybe that love was part of his downfall. He was enabled and given a free pass for a long time. At the height of his stardom, Gooden could have whatever he wanted. That included alcohol and drugs.

That love is also what can save him now. Some people say and act as if they are altruistic, however, there are plenty of genuine people who could be part of his recovery. Some of them are part of the rich and famous, and some of them are average Joes and Janes just walking the streets.

He’s not the only person with personal demons, far from it. There are enough of them in the area that remember what he did to help lift the Mets from obscurity to ultimate victory, who have fought their own personal demons and have come out the other side. They can help him and would be happy to give something back. Then there are others who haven’t been through the same Hell, but who would be willing to be part of his support structure in recovery.

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No addict is going to get better unless they want to. The New York Mets community can help, but Gooden has to want sobriety as badly as he wanted to strike out batters as a pitcher. There is a lifeline available and a network of support with it. Grab it Doc! We are here for you. Let the fans repay you for the joy you gave to an entire city.