Brooklyn Nets: Kyrie Irving’s redemption to lead a young team long-term

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, United States. Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, United States. Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The basketball world has been shocked once again when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decided to team up on the Brooklyn Nets.

Once Free Agency officially began on July 1st, two out of the top five 2019 free agents didn’t waste any time announcing their decision to team up. This time, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have decided to team up and sign max-deals with the Brooklyn Nets.

This decision by two of the top ten players in the NBA instantly made the Nets title contenders when KD returns from his injury in the 2020-2021 season. Throughout the summer so far, Kyrie has been linked to the Brooklyn Nets, mainly due to being a New Jersey Nets fan as a child and his father owning season tickets.

Growing up in Montclair, New Jersey, which is an hour away (driving) from Brooklyn, played a significant role in Kyrie’s decision. In his eight NBA seasons, this is the first time Kyrie has had control over where he chooses to play and call his destination “home.”


This upcoming season, Kyrie Irving will (once again) be the number one option and best active player on the Nets’ roster. Which then begs the question, will he be able to lead this young team towards a deep playoff run next year and for years to come with and after KD retires?

I know that there shouldn’t be major expectations for next season without KD, but with the current roster, the Nets are easily a top-six team in the Eastern Conference next season. Being among the best teams in the East should not immediately rule the Nets out of contention, especially if Kawhi Leonard decides to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers.

We have to keep in mind that Kyrie is only 27-years-old whereas KD will be turning 32 when he returns from his injury. Kyrie should take advantage of the opportunity he has in front of him with KD on the sidelines.

Kyrie has built great friendships with KD, DeAndre Jordan, and even Spencer Dinwiddie who all played a part in his decision to sign with the Nets. The addition of veteran leadership and close friends in KD and Jordan will help Kyrie take the reigns of this promising Nets team moving forward.

Although the Nets got older after signing their recent acquisitions, their average age is just 25.8 years old. KD, DeAndre Jordan, and Garrett Temple are the only players who are above thirty-years-old on the roster as of today.

Final thoughts

While many Nets fans or NBA critics may be critical of Kyrie’s leadership history with the Boston Celtics, don’t count him out just yet. We can assume this new chapter of Irving’s career would be more successful than it was in Boston due to their pre-existing chemistry (between Kyrie, KD, Jordan, and Dinwiddie), Kyrie’s homecoming, and KD’s return in 2021.

Kyrie is finally at home, where his heart has always been. A childhood dream that has been fulfilled. This means that the move can bring out the very best in Kyrie, leadership-wise.

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So expect Kyrie and the Nets even without KD to exceed expectations next year.