New York Mets are paying Bobby Bonilla more than Pete Alonso


The New York Mets have had a tough first half of the season, and their annual tradition of paying former player Bobby Bonilla doesn’t make it easier.

Bobby Bonilla last played for the New York Mets in 1999 and remains on the team’s payroll this season until 2035 without having to appear in another game. He is owed 1.19 million dollars every July 1st until 2035 because of the team decided to defer his contract payment instead of paying the $5.9 million owed for the 2000 season.

The 8% annual interest rate to the money has led to this yearly amount, which began in 2011 and has become a running joke for many baseball fans. The Mets were haunted by this decision almost two decades ago because of the absurdity of the way it looks in comparison to current players on the roster. Bonilla will not appear in any games and still will make more money than rookie first baseman Pete Alonso who is having a past season.

Alonso has already set the franchise rookie record for home runs in a season quickly passing Darryl Strawberry‘s mark set in 1983. He is on pace to possibly break more as he eyes a more significant second half of the season keeping Mets fans engaged in the struggling club. Alonso for all his merits will only make $555k this season since it’s on;y his rookie year and compare that to Bonilla sitting at home collecting a wealthier check it’s disheartening.

Bonilla had a total of 95 home runs with 295 RBI’s in five disappointing seasons with the Mets which never materialized into a championship season. He retired from the league in 2001 and has continued to do work with player association while annually picking up his check from the Mets.

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Alonso is off to a great start in his Mets career, and the franchise will need to do whatever is possible to keep him positive and ready to lead the team in the long run. The Bonilla contact will continue to be a PR nightmare for years to come, but at least the team can say the deal helped in a strange way to bring David Wright to the team.