The New Jersey Devils are building quickly for next season

Jack Hughes, New Jersey Devils (Photo by Kevin Light/Getty Images)
Jack Hughes, New Jersey Devils (Photo by Kevin Light/Getty Images) /

The New Jersey Devils are building quickly for the immediate future with the selection of Jack Hughes and the acquisition of All-Star P.K Subban.

So the NHL draft has come and gone, and the New Jersey Devils along with every other franchise’s fates have been altered. Many men with names I dare not attempt to pronounce have been selected by franchises clawing for market share against the three other sports that take up most Americans time. Thank God they have a visionary leader like Gary Bettman to shepherd them towards relevance.

One team that made a ton of noise were the Devils, whom I was shocked to discover, are no longer run by Lou Lamoriello. Seriously, I thought he was appointed to live in that position like a supreme court justice. The guy in charge is Ray Shero, and he managed to create some headlines for the franchise. Good for you, champ!

His first big move was not screwing up and overthinking the number one pick. He drafted the consensus top player Jack Hughes (not a stage name) who will do for American hockey what Freddy Adu did for soccer… eh, let’s hope he’s more Pulisic or even Landon Donovan.

By taking Hughes and adding him to Taylor Hall, the Devils have set themselves up to have two high-quality playmakers at the center position. I don’t think either is Sidney Crosby, but Hall does have an MVP and neither has had a concussion so chalk two up for the Devils.

The teams’ other big move was picking up star defenseman J.K Rowling, or P.K. Subban, or was it Captain Stubbing? Either way, they got one of the league’s top offensive defenseman for next to nothing. Between his celebrity girlfriend, countless Twitter followers, and outspokenness, he will make the team more fun to cover.  So what if he didn’t write those wizard books or captain the love boat, he still adds a

Finally, there is the lockdown goaltending of Martin Brodeur that should propel the team far into the playoffs this year. A perineal Vezina trophy candidate Brodeur is entering the tail end of his prime but should have a few good seas… oh he retired four years ago?

Next. New York Rangers select Kakko, complete MSG daily double. dark

Well clearly I still have some research to do before I delve into the depths of the NHL again, but in the meantime, with Taylor, Jack, P.K., Marty and Hermione the Devils are relevant yet.