New York Knicks: Kyrie Irving to NYC looks better than ever

Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics. New York Knicks. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics. New York Knicks. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Kyrie Irving playing for the New York Knicks has been something discussed, pretty much since Irving entered the league. Now, it’s more possible than ever.

Kyrie Irving was drafted with the first overall pick back in 2011 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He requested a trade out of Cleveland and has been playing for the Boston Celtics since the 2017-18 season, but rumors persist he wants to be part of the New York Knicks.

When Irving requested a trade from the Cavaliers it was reported that he had named four teams as preferred landing destinations. Those four teams were the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves.

He didn’t end up on any of those teams but even before that reported request, it was thought that he would one day play for the Knicks. Those rumors have since escalated as the star point guard approaches free agency, but before the season started they were shut down.

Prior to the beginning of the season, Irving made a promise to the Boston fans that he would stay in Beantown as long as they wanted him back. The rumors died down for a while, but then the Celtics didn’t live up to their potential.

The Celtics weren’t winning and then there were reports that Irving had reportedly called Lebron James for advice even though the entire reason Irving wanted to leave Cleveland was that he wanted to be the star, not Lebron’s sidekick.

The reported conversation with Lebron brought back the rumors that Kyrie Irving would sign with the Knicks this upcoming offseason. The Celtics have now been eliminated from the playoffs thanks to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks and in less than two months Kyrie Irving will officially be a free agent.

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This means that for the first time since he signed his contract extension to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving will have a decision on where he will play next. With Irving officially out of the playoffs, fans can expect the rumors of him signing with the New York Knicks to come within the next week or two and honestly, why shouldn’t Irving sign with the Knicks?

The Knicks just finished with the worst record in the NBA which hopefully means they will get the best draft prospect since Lebron James, in Zion Williamson and they also have enough cap space to sign two superstars.

Rumors persist that the Knicks will sign Kyrie Irving as well as Kevin Durant and draft Zion Williamson. At this point, it’s all possible. The NBA Draft Lottery takes place on Tuesday, May 14th. This is when the New York Knicks will learn then which pick they will have when the draft rolls around in June.

Fans can fully expect that Kyrie Irving will have his eyes peeled on the draft lottery because this will determine whether or not the Knicks can get Williamson. If the Knicks get the first pick or the second pick and the Phoenix Suns get the first pick, then it likely means Zion Williamson will be in a Knicks jersey next season.

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With that, the Knicks would instantly improve, which opens the door for free agents such as Irving and Durant. Knicks fans should be very excited that the Celtics did not make the Finals and should have their eyes peeled on the draft lottery next Tuesday, because it may mean more than you think.