New York Red Bulls: It is officially time to worry about the Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls dropped yet another match on Saturday. This time, it was to the Chicago Fire. But the issues for the Red Bulls are becoming more and more apparent.

For the New York Red Bulls, one of the cons of being a historically good regular season team is the over-blown negative reactions when things are not going well. That couldn’t be more true for the New York’s red side right now. The Red Bulls rarely lose two straight league matches. The Red Bulls haven’t done that since May of 2017.

So, the Red Bulls are already in territory they have not been in a while and never in since Chris Armas took over as the full-time head coach, but I will get back to him in a minute.

The Red Bulls already lost to Orlando City SC last weekend. That was an even more rare home loss and that was to a team they beat last season. The excuse for that one though, if we must make one, was the lack of talent they had to use thanks to international call ups. So, while the loss counts in the standings, it is easy to chalk that one up as a wash.

The Red Bulls had a prime opportunity to beat the Chicago Fire, or at least get back in the point column. They knew the challenges they would be facing, but had their normal, best squad back. Also note, the Fire is a team that they also beat just last season, away from Harrison as well.

So, what is the excuse for the Red Bulls this time?

The Red Bulls had ‘their best’ starting XI out there. Yet again, it was Luis Robles who was their best player. He mad key saves, but couldn’t prevent the own goal.

Regardless of how the Red Bulls are letting goals in, the problem with the Red Bulls is not that they are giving up goals. Two goals against in two matches is not all that degrading. What is becoming apparent is the lack of offense.

Sure, they lost Tyler Adams, weakening how much space one man can cover, plus offense and defense help, but the issues are bigger than that. Aside from the clinic the Red Bulls put on against San Jose, which is now revealing itself to be more reflective of how bad they are rather than the skill of the Red Bulls, the Red Bulls have just one goal in three league matches.

The issues probably lies more in the tactical approach rather than talent. The loss of Adams has not been adjusted for, based off my observations. They are not getting much out of Kaku, who hasn’t done much since Armas took over last season to begin with, and they are just playing depleted.

Armas even admitted some of the challenges they could be facing tactically. Here is what he said via

"“Nowadays, teams know exactly what we’re going to do, so we have to add some nuances and we have to be able to be really good at are pressing for days.”"

In my opinion, I am glad to be seeing that he sort of addressing a certain issue. But, the pressing style is not the problem. They just need to learn how to score. That is what soccer is at the end of the day. It was the same thing last season. They defended their way to the Shield and Eastern Conference final, but didn’t score enough to win.

Another problem with relying on a pressing system, is exactly what we are seeing. A loss of a major talent like Adams, means the system is going to take a hit, it takes time for everyone to adjust to new roles in a system as opposed to just being talented.

Maybe that is all this dry spell and losing streak is. Perhaps it is just the failure to adjust to teams adjusting to them. But, no matter who to blame, Kaku, Bradley Wright-Phillips’ lack of goal scoring, Chris Armas, the early start in the CCL putting the roster in a pinch, no matter where you want to point the finger, the grind of the season is not going to stop for anyone.

So, whatever the problem is, it must be fixed. Basically over night. They are losing at home, away, across all competitions, and have no attack when playing a formidable foe.

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On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being panic mode, I am at a seven. The club has one win in four league matches this season and are not bringing it like we have seen. No analysis is simpler than that.