New York Mets: What players should get extensions next and what they could look like

Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Amed Rosario

Amed Rosario is another player who could have multiple all-star appearances and a batting title to his name one day. He is easily on the field comparable to Jose Reyes. However, extending him could make sense because he is a guy who been highly touted since he’s been a prospect. But, he is just about the only guy on this list who does not particularly control his own destiny with the Mets.

It is not that the Mets do not think he can be very good one day soon, it is that they should, no matter what, wait for him to hit his contract season before doing anything. Rosario was a hit machine in September of 2018 with 32 hits that month alone. So, he’s begun to tap his potential.

However, by the time he gets there, or at least close to it, the Mets might have more shortstop prospects ready to take his spot. Both Andres Jimenez and Ronny Mauricio could both be studs at the MLB level one day and are in the Mets’ system. They are both shortstops. So, it might just be cost-effective to let Rosario walk.

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And while incredible, elite franchise planning could constitute making one of them a second baseman in the minors so they could come up to play next to Rosario instead of potentially replacing him, I think that would be a gross overreaction. So, assuming that the Mets don’t trade either, which with Van Waganen who knows, the Mets should let Rosario play out his deal, if not trade him.

Right now, Rosario is still arbitration eligible until 2023. That is a VERY long time from now. The Mets could slap out extensions to all of the aforementioned players and still have them near the end of deals by then.

So, the Mets shouldn’t extend Rosario. However, they could still consider it. It all depends on how hight they are on him. If they really think he is going to be the guy, then deal away with the shortstops in the system, churn them out for other assets, and see what they can do with Rosario.

It is not that bad an idea.

MLB extension comparison: None, way too early.

Urgency to get done: 1.1 (not because that’s his number). The Mets could start planning now to avoid what could be a dilemma in the future with surplus of talent coming around.