New York Mets: What players should get extensions next and what they could look like

Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Brandon Nimmo.

While I am not saying all the above players aren’t, Brandon Nimmo just seems like that Wilmer Flores type who is just so happy and grateful to be a New York Met. That is just the way he carries himself. However, he is surely an extension candidate because of his play as well.

Really, this comes down to choosing whether to keep Conforto or Nimmo. Keeping both seems like a pipe dream. Maybe winning a World Series together will change that like it did with all the Houston Astros players getting extensions and staying.

Nimmo is probably an analytical guy’s dream. He is a hustler, gets on base, and can play every position in the outfield, at the very least, at a capable level. So, his potential contract is tough to see. I can almost see it being like Jason Heyward‘s in a “where did that come from?” type away, but I am just speculating. (Nimmo will likely not get that type of money, but analytically speaking are both players who excel in non-glorifying things).

light. Goals for 2019 Season. Brandon Nimmo

In order for the Mets to extend Nimmo now, they would need to do it all things considered. He has never been an all-star or done anything to show immense value like deGrom and Conforto, he is 26 years old with three more arbitration years left, and he makes rookie money at just southward of $600K for 2019.

The thing with Nimmo is that, like Conforto, it is a tough market to judge. I would say the deal Aaron Hicks got makes sense for Nimmo as well, for now. Nimmo has not proven to be the home run slugger that Conforto is, but he is still a guy who is great to have and it really is close between #9 and #30.

If the Mets wanted to give Nimmo a six or seven-year deal, but for say $11M a year instead of the $10M that Hicks is getting, that makes sense because Nimmo is younger than Hicks was right now.

However, I still think there is no precedent for Nimmo yet. Maybe if he makes an all-star team, or keeps getting on base at a solid rate, all of this will change.

Potential extension comparison: Hicks if I had to choose, but tough to judge otherwise. 

Urgency to get done: 4, if Nimmo breakouts in 2019, get this done soon, but there are more worthy players in the now.