New York Mets: What players should get extensions next and what they could look like

Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Edwin Diaz

How could Brodie Van Waganen make Edwin Diaz the gift that keeps on giving? By ensuring his future in the blue and orange. Yes, I get it. At the time of this writing, he has only played one game for the Mets. However, this entire concept is projecting what a player will be and paying them so they don’t hit the open market, plus Diaz is still a proven all-star.

The thing about Diaz, is that the Mets got him with Robinson Cano, who is signed for a long time. He was the better part of the deal in terms of that the Mets needed a closer for 2019 more than an infielder. However, they did give up promising prospects to get him and re-signing him so he doesn’t leave would make that look like less of a hit.

Diaz is set to make just over $600K this season before three years of arbitration eligibility. So, the Mets have another year before they should consider extending him, but that does not make doing so before then a bad idea, per se.

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What we know about Diaz is that he is 25 and has two years of experience. The Texas Rangers just gave Jose Leclerc a 4-year, 14.75M contract extension. Leclerc is also 25 years old with just over two years in the bigs.

The dilemma is that Diaz might be better than Leclerc and worth more money. But, that is a solid number to see the going rate for an extension to a closer. If you go off of the going rate for an all-star closer in the market, you could look at Brad Hand. Hand signed a 3-year, $19.75M contract in 2018, before getting traded this offseason.

The Mets should consider giving Diaz something in the $15-20M range total over the course of five or so years. That way, he keep the AAV high and extends how long the Mets have him. Again, all of this could change if he has another great season, but the Mets could not have to worry about finding a closer for a while in a dead market. Craig Kimbrel is still not signed as I write this, remember that.

MLB Contract comparisons: Leclerc (better one), Hand. 

Urgency to get done: 2.5, Mets shouldn’t have to worry about it this year, but he could be closer of their future and really expensive beyond that.