New York Jets Mock Draft Review: Strategy shrouded in mystery

Quinnen Williams #92 of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Quinnen Williams #92 of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

When we look at the latest NFL mock drafts, one thing becomes clear when talking about the New York Jets and that is that nobody knows what they are going to do.

New York Jets, National Team of Mystery?

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s a bad parody of James Bond. But that can’t be the Jets. The team that has leaks all over their building can’t actually have mystery surrounding them. It’s not possible, right?

That’s how it used to be. In the Mike Tannenbaum days and even during John Idzik’s time, Florham Park leaked more than some of the plumbing in my college dorm. We always knew what was going to happen.

We can a lot about how things have gone during the Mike Maccagnan era, but one thing that has happened is that the plans are kept in-house.

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Look at the Jamison Crowder signing for example.

There was no talk at all about Crowder initially. The rumors centered around Adam Humphries and Danny Amendola.

When Crowder was announced as the choice, nobody saw it coming. Frankly it came out of nowhere.

That is just one example over the last four years. Mike, to his credit, has tightened up the communication around the front office.

The information just doesn’t leak. They really are the team of mystery.

This fact becomes abundantly clear as we look at some of the more recent mock drafts to be released over the last several days.

Often times, these drafts come together, especially for teams at the top of the draft, as to who the choice likely will be.

Not this time. has three mock drafts listed currently. Each of them has a different choice noted for the Jets at number three.

First is the latest from Bucky Brooks:

"Round 1, No. 3, Edge Nick Bosa, Ohio State“Bosa would give the Jets the edge rusher they’ve desperately needed to button up a talented defensive lineup."

Next we have thoughts from Lance Zierlein:

"Round 1, No. 3, Edge Josh Allen, Kentucky“Quinnen Williams could be hard to pass up here, but it might be even harder to pass on a long, athletic edge presence like Allen, who is just beginning to come into his own as a rusher."

Finally we hear from Charles Davis:

"Round 1, No. 3, DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama“Pairing Quinnen with Leonard Williams would give some sort of nickname opportunity (although I’m not sure what) and would give the Jets a lethal pair of defensive linemen. It might have people wondering about them as a playoff team too.”"

That is high praise from Davis with regards to Williams. It may in fact be a bit bold due to the other holes on this roster but it does prove strong opinions on all sides of the spectrum here.

Next. The gaping hole in the middle. dark

But it also shows that nobody really knows what the Jets are thinking here. Are they thinking edge, or are they going to go with the stud defensive tackle and beef up from inside out?

Nobody knows, and that’s a good thing.