New York Mets: Three realistic goals for Brandon Nimmo in 2019

New York Mets. Brandon Nimmo (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
New York Mets. Brandon Nimmo (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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New York Mets. Brandon Nimmo
New York Mets. Brandon Nimmo (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Lead team in OBP again.

Yes, this is one of the tallest orders for Nimmo this season, it is also quite frankly something he simply does not need to do. There was so much turnover in on the Mets last season, that if you take out qualifiers, it was actually Jerry Blevins who led the team in this stat.

However, the leader in 2018 for the Mets in OPS was Nimmo with .404. Also last season, Nimmo’s OBP was impressive enough to be fourth in all of the MLB. The only ones better than him were named Trout, Betts, and Votto. He was in elite company last season in that department.

So, while a full season of Juan Lagares and Jeff McNeil could hinder Nimmo’s lead in OBP, (they were close behind him in way less at-bats) I would say Nimmo will be able to lead the Mets again, if not even be in the top five in all of the MLB again.

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The bigger question could be how many moving parts there are to this. He could hit more home runs or be shuffled down the line up more. There are a lot of things he can and cannot control that could hinder him in this stat department.

What does help him, is the amount of hits we could be looking at, by playing more games this year,Nimmo could see upward of 500 at bats in 2019 as opposed to his 433 last season. Yet, he still managed 114 hits, for reference, NL MVP Christian Yelich had 187 hits, but in 574 at bats.

So, Nimmo could get even more hits, more at bats, and in theory could have a better OBP than he even did last year. He could have more at bats and that could likely even make his OBP go down a little bit, but that does not mean he still can’t lead the team, he has room.

In 2019, I expect big things from Brandon Nimmo on offense. He is going to get on base more times than not and he going to make himself useful once he does so. Nimmo can be the Mets’ de-facto OBP guy, not a bad role to have.