New York Yankees: Mike Trout deal heavily impacts Yankees, Aaron Judge

New York Yankees. Aaron Judge. Mike Trout (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Aaron Judge. Mike Trout (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

Mike Trout and the Angels are finalizing a contract extension worth more than $430 million over 12-years and it impacts the New York Yankees and their star player Aaron Judge.

Over the next 13 years, Mike Trout will officially become the richest man in professional sports history, and that has forced the New York Yankees’ hand with Aaron Judge, amongst others.

That’s right, not Lebron James, not Michael Jordan, nope, it is none other than Mike Trout who is finalizing a 12-year contract extension worth more than $430 million with the Angels.

Even though it may not seem like it, this deal will impact the New York Yankees in more ways than you would think. The Yankees have one of the youngest teams in baseball and most of their star players are still on their rookie deals.

These players include Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres and a couple others. That first player I mentioned, Aaron Judge, is the one player on this list who will likely sign the largest contract of this bunch.

Winning the Rookie of the Year and finishing second in MVP voting in the same season is pretty crazy and he has kept it up to a degree since then. This being said, Judge will be a very sought after free agent if he does hit free agency.

While Mike Trout is arguably on track to be the best baseball player of all time, which puts him in a class by himself, signing a $430 million contract will have players such as Judge, Mookie Betts and other young players asking for more money.

However, signing a $430 million contract is not something that will happen for many, if any players moving forward. Trout has placed in the top-four of MVP voting every year since 2012, winning the award twice in that span.

This being said, there is not a single other player who will sign a contract anywhere near Trout’s in the near future, but this contract will likely have top players asking for more money in the near future.

Whenever someone signs a record deal such as this one, and the huge deals we saw Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sign, it sends a ripple effect around the league, and that is exactly what is gonna happen in this case.

So with that, the Yankees need to do whatever they can to sign Judge to an extension and avoid letting the star outfielder hit free agency which could pose a serious problem for the Yankees.

If Judge did hit free agency, there is a very good chance that another team offers him more than the Yankees which would force the Yankees to up the ante. Now not at all am I saying Judge doesn’t have loyalty and he would choose money over legacy, but it is possible.

Aaron Judge has a ton of talent and he is someone who will likely sign a long-term deal worth north of $300 million, whether it be with the Yankees or elsewhere. Personally I do not see Judge leaving New York, which means the Yankees are going to have to fork up some cash to keep him around.

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This is something to keep an eye on because if the past is any indicator of what’s to come, then Mike Trout’s new deal will impact the Yankees quite a bit.