New York Giants: How the Odell Beckham trade impacts the Giants’ draft

Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State Buckeyes. New York Giants (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State Buckeyes. New York Giants (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /
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Could the Giants package the OBJ trade picks for Josh Rosen?

The Giants have been linked to rumors about trading for Josh Rosen for quite some time now, and talks have only intensified since the G-Men picked up an additional first round pick and third rounder in exchange for their star wide-out.

This being said, the Giants have a lot more to package together to offer the Cardinals for their second round quarterback out of UCLA. Rosen, who the Cardinals took with their 10th overall pick in last year’s draft, has some serious potential but is only being shopped to likely make room for Kyler Murray.

The Cardinals new head coach, Cliff Klingsbury, is in love with Murray’s game and because of this the Cardinals are expected to take the quarterback out of Oklahoma with their first overall pick.

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With that in mind the Cardinals want to get something out of a guy they used their 10th overall pick on last year. However, Rosen has some serious potential and even though he was the fourth quarterback taken off the board in last year’s draft he still has some serious potential.

Here are the stats from the top four quarterbacks taken in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Quarterback:               Starts:             Comp/Attempts:               Yards:               Touchdowns:               Ints:

Baker Mayfield:             13                       310/486                        3,725                        27                           14

Sam Darnold:                 13                       239/414                        2,865                        17                           15

Josh Allen:                       11                      169/320                         2,074                        10                           12

Josh Rosen:                     13                      217/393                         2,278                        11                           14

Based on this list, Rosen doesn’t look too great but it should be known that of these four quarterbacks Rosen was on the worst team. Rosen and the Cardinals finished 3-13, Darnold and the Jets finished 4-12, Allen and the Bills finished 6-10 and Mayfield and the Browns finished 7-8-1.

This being said, Rosen may fair differently with a new team and new targets, but you never know.

The plus side in creating a package for Rosen would be the fact that you would more than likely keep your sixth overall pick, which means you can use it to build the offensive line to help Rosen down the line.

This also means the Giants would be in a prime spot to take Jawaan Taylor out of Florida, or even trade back a bit too about the ten slot and maybe get a bit out of their sixth pick.

Whatever the Giants decide to do, trading for Josh Rosen is a serious possibility, but if they do pull the trigger, they can absolutely NOT give up their sixth overall pick.