New York Giants: Giants’ focus not on 2019, have greater goal in mind

New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
New York Giants. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The New York Giants are not focused on winning in 2019 because they seem to have a greater goal in mind.

*Editors note: This content was written and scheduled prior to the New York Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr., please proceed*

Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants staff are not worried about the high-priced free agents flying off the shelves during this weeks free agent frenzy. The Giants are not focused on this year but building something much larger for the years to come.

Though many of the New York teams faithful fans want to see the Giants fixed immediately, it just isn’t possible for the Giants and General Manager Dave Gettleman to fix everything that is wrong with this Giants team and fill all the holes in just one or two off-seasons.

Dave Gettleman inherited a bit of a mediocre mess when it came to the New York Giants, however, the reason he took the job was because he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dave Gettleman knew that his work would be cut out for him but he started with a very simple process.

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He began last year by solidifying the back side of the Giants offensive line by utilizing the draft and free agency to the best of his ability. He then began an evaluation process, going over film of current players and taking on high reward /low risk players that could possibly be diamonds among the coal.

The first year process was rough he obviously found and amazing player in Saquon Barkley in the draft. Yet, he missed on a handful of high character guys who were at the end of their careers in his first free agency, but the purpose was served with those players who were brought in.

This year, the young guys on the team know what type of people the GM and head coach want in their locker room. Now, Dave Gettleman can start filling out the foundation of this New York sized Skyscraper he accepted the task of building.

The 2019 free agent class has many players, some names and positions more important then others, but this year, the Giants don’t need to spend on flash and sizzle; such as they did in years prior with Jerry Reese handing out 200 million plus to defensive players.

The Giants are in the middle of a true build, they can see the cap space opening up on the horizon and the relief could be plentiful and bountiful. However, it will be meaningless if they don’t first put everything else in place before they start filling in space with specific expensive Decor for this un-finished house.

The focus should be the Giants finishing the 2019 offseason with the O-line in place and that chapter being closed completely. They became one step closer when they traded for Kevin Zeitler, but now need to sign the right tackle they want to go forward with for the foreseeable future.

Once they’ve finalized the o-line, they can turn towards adding some young, mid-level pieces to their defense for the time being. The focus defensively in free agency, should be safety and cornerback, thus allowing them to turn their attention to the draft.

This year in free agency shouldn’t be a go get them kind of year. The Giants shouldn’t be concerned about fighting for it all this year. They should be concerned with making the playoffs consistently, and allowing the young corps they have begun to collect grow together.

Next. G-men are aiming for a natural rebuild. dark

Dave Gettleman’s plan will be frustrating and tough to swallow especially in New York but the pieces will be in place for the 2020 offseason to be more meaningful. Next, we turn towards the draft and what the Giants should focus on next. I can tell you in my opinion, with complete confidence, it’s definitely not drafting a quarterback in the first round.