New York Mets: Grading every position on the Mets’ 2019 Depth Chart

New York Mets. #30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
New York Mets. #30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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New York Mets.
New York Mets. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Center Field: Grade C+

The Mets’ outfield is pretty solid overall so I feel a bit harsh giving the center field this grade, however, there are a lot of what ifs at this position, more than any others. If Juan Lagares stays healthy, he could have a big year and maybe even be a Gold Glove candidate like he always is. If Keon Broxton revives his career to become reliable, then maybe this position will not be such a liability.

Here is the Center Field Depth:

  1. Lagares
  2. Broxton
  3. Nimmo
  4. Conforto

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To pay attention to the small details, I really like having Nimmo above Conforto there. I just think Nimmo has a much better glove. But again, there is great depth at this position, it’s just that the players holding down the first two sports might not be that great, they have to prove a lot more.

I personally think that Lagares and Broxton are going to work well with each other. Lagares is coming back from an injury filled season and Broxton might light a fire under him in terms of making sure he steps up and is ready to bring it. But it also could give him time to ease into things and not rush back from his bizarre toe injury.

Overall, this is not a bad position for the Mets. It’s unlike the prior C’s I gave out because it is not filled with aging veterans already battling injuries. It is just that these outfield positions are a log jam and nothing will come easy. To many options is not a problem, I just think one great one is better.