New York Mets: Grading every position on the Mets’ 2019 Depth Chart

New York Mets. #30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
New York Mets. #30 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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New York Mets.
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Second Base: Grade B+

The Mets got Robinson Cano to be their second baseman in 2019. There is something so sweet about that. However, they already had Jeff McNeil there to end last season. McNeil was hitting great. But, they get a B+ because Cano is safe, albeit his suspension, his sample size over his whole career is quite large.

Here is how the depth chart for second base is coming along:

  1. Cano
  2. Jed Lowrie
  3. Jeff McNeil

All three of those options are solid. Even if Jed Lowrie does end up missing significant time with his recent knee issues, then there is Cano. That would make Cano’s back up, and he does not have a history of injury problems, Jeff McNeil who we know is probably going to be good.

This is arguably the most stacked position on the entire depth chart. Robison Cano is going to bring offense and great glove.

Overall, the only thing keeping this from being an “A” grade is really just the rarity of it. There are not a lot of “A” grades to be had. An entire season of McNeil at second did not sound that bad as last season ended. However, I will not complain about Cano. The depth is solid too.