New York Mets: Grading every position on the Mets’ 2019 Depth Chart

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First Base: Grade C+

Please hold your horses, I am fully aware that Pete Alonso is a thing and that he is already showing encouraging progress in Spring Training and he is very much a big part of the future of this team. However, if the Mets abide by the extra year of control thing and he misses the first few weeks of the season, behind him is well, not great.

Here is how this position is listed as such:

  1. Todd Frazier
  2. Pete Alonso
  3. Dominic Smith
  4. J.D. Davis

Read. Peter Alonso is apparently working hard to live up to the hype. light

Todd Frazier is dealing with an oblique strain. Those types of injuries are, well, annoying. He could miss a lot of time or be ready for Opening Day, but either way he has not been playing and might be behind a beat.

A silver lining in here is that Dominic Smith is playing well in Spring Training and might just be solid enough to go if Todd can’t. Smith is hitting .435, with six RBIs and home run down in Florida, so that is somewhat admirable.

However, we have seen him do well and earn a big league call up time and time again with very little to show for it. Hopefully it is a new year and a new him. Also, last season, we saw the type of falloff that Todd Frazier had. If he is not in a groove or hitting home runs it can be rough, he hit .218 last season, yikes.

Overall, if Pete Alonso is ready and capable, then that would heal all wounds. This grade would have been more in the B range. However, beyond if there are just too many what-ifs at this position. What-if Todd Frazier is healthy, what if Dom Smith finally lives up to the potential.

What-ifs do not earn “A” grades.